XR Series 37.5" Aluminum Intermediate Steering Column

Steering column 37.5" overall (w/o U-joint), 33.1" aluminum tube, splined steering wheel quick disconnect, U-joint 3/4-20 x 3/4 round

PSC now offers universal steering column kits designed with off road use in mind. The column kits allow the fabricator a more simple way of getting from the steering wheel to any type of steering mechanism.
The PSC column kits are offered in various lengths, aluminum or steel tube, hex or splined steering wheel disconnect. Both steel and aluminum columns can be mounted with an adjustable mount kit that is available or the steel columns can be welded directly into the chassis.
Column features;
• Constructed with Delrin bearings that can not be damaged by the moisture and dirt that a off road car has to deal with.
• Aluminum housings are available for the car builder that weight is a issue.
• Can be ordered with either a splined steering wheel disconnect or hex. The splined disconnects have a more precision fit and prevent any unwanted movement in the steering wheel.
• Woodward racing u-joint with a ¾ bore that can be welded to ¾ OD tubing that would connect to the steering mechanism.
XR Series 37.5" Aluminum Intermediate Steering Column
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  • Item #: PSC-CL04AS-HOM
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